Our Team

The Daniels Law Group focuses its practice on the representation of residential and commercial policyholders whose insurance companies have wrongfully denied or underpaid their insurance claim. Our attorneys provide compassionate, diligent and aggressive legal representation from pre-suit to litigation through trial.  Contact our experienced attorneys today for a free consultation.

Insurance companies have large and experienced armies of lawyers, experts, and insurance adjusters. Unfortunately, their marching orders are often to pay the minimum amount on all claims, and to deny claims whenever possible. Why? Because insurance companies maximize their profits by charging the highest possible amount for premiums, and paying the lowest possible amount for claims. Policy holders pay premiums to insurance companies to protect their covered assets from all manner of unexpected events and they deserve for their claim to be paid in full. The law requires insurance companies to pay your attorney’s fees and costs when the attorney recovers money for you in court, so in most cases you will not have to pay us any attorney’s fees or costs; your insurance company will pay our attorney’s fees and costs. Since your insurance company has a team of attorneys and adjusters on their side, you should have your own team of professionals that know how to fight back.

Insurance companies are required to act in good faith and deal fairly with policyholders. When the insurance company contractually agrees to cover a loss and then breaches that agreement, it can be held liable for the damage caused to its policyholders also known as “bad faith” damages. The Daniels Law Group will work to hold the insurance company accountable for bad faith practices and will fight to ensure that your interests are protected.