Red Flags - The Daniels Law Group, PLLC.🚩Mold & Ventilation. Removing mold is an expensive and time-consuming process that is not typically covered by homeowners insurance. If the home doesn’t have proper ventilation, it will cause mold, mildew, and allergens.

🚩Foundation issues. One of the most costly home repairs. Large cracks should be a warning flag. This includes uneven floors or cracked doorframes and windows.

🚩Bodies of water. You should note the location of the water and find out if it could flood and flow down into your house. Home insurance often does not cover flood damage and an additional flood insurance policy needs to be purchased.

🚩Roof. If a roof hasn’t been replaced or repaired recently, you are likely looking at a roof problem in the first few years of ownership.

🚩Location. Insurance companies will consider the safety of your house when assessing your risks. The greater your risk of theft, flood, or storm damage, the higher your insurance premiums will be.

Having a property with minimal risks or problems can help you find better premium rates with your homeowners insurance and be more cost effective for you as a homeowner. You should always find a legitimate comprehensive home inspector to do a thorough inspection before purchasing.

If you have questions and need some guidance, or you already purchased your home and have some #redflagconcerns contact us today, we can review your homeowners insurance policy with you.

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